Purple Hound | BBC invests £1 million into scheme for journalists with disabilities
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BBC invests £1 million into scheme for journalists with disabilities

27 Feb BBC invests £1 million into scheme for journalists with disabilities

Purple Hound is delighted to hear of the new BBC scheme aimed at recruitment, training and development of journalists with disabilities, both visible and hidden. Director of BBC News and Current Affairs, James Harding announced today that the £1 million scheme is set to take place over the next year with the creation of twelve new positions in the BBC News’ Mobile and Online teams.

The roles will range from broadcast journalists to assistant editors, with the successful applicants working across a wide range of content. The year-long scheme will include bespoke training and learning and at least half of the roles will become permanent at the end of the year. There will be a mentoring programme for all those selected.

James Harding says: “We’re transforming the look and sound of BBC News as well as the people who run our programmes and services for two reasons. We’re the greatest news organisation in the world, it should be open to everyone and anyone to come here and thrive. And we want to be closer to our audiences, a news organisation in touch with what’s on people’s minds, a newsroom that doesn’t talk past people, but speaks to them.”

The scheme aims to discover new talent able to produce and find stories which engage with the wider disabled community. Purple Hound are pleased to hear of such an initiative which so actively promotes disabled people in the work place.

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